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The C.A.A.P. consortium was set up over 50 years ago with the aim of forming a strong organisation among its associated enterprises in order to supply an efficient service to its clientele, guaranteeing them the availability of a total number of 40 member companies, 75 tank trucks, 12 container trucks and over 100 persons all belonging to the group.
In Piacenza, via Portapuglia no. 37/39, the Consortium has a depot extending for approx. 10,000 sq.m., 2,000 of which are under cover.
In addition to being fully fenced in, well-lit, fitted with surveillance cameras, equipped with burglar alarms and an automatic gate, the yard also provides a vehicle parking area, a wash station for the exterior cleaning of vehicles, a filling station for refuelling and topping up with lubricating oil and Adblue open 24 hours a day, a toxic/harmful liquid waste collection centre and a small maintenance garage.
The C.A.A.P. possesses a fleet of tank trucks made of steel and aluminium alloy, fitted with one or more compartments, insulated or non-insulated, chiefly assigned to the transportation of A.D.R. classified hazardous goods and equipped with compressor and transfer pump.
The Consortium operates mainly throughout Italy but can also provide haulage services within the European Community and, in particular, to Eastern Europe.
The ever increasing attention to market requirements and the vital importance given to satisfying customer requests prompted the C.A.A.P., in 1995, to obtain certification of its own quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and subsequently, in 1999, to implement the SQAS evaluation system, a monitoring system applied to the entire chemical sector, based on the principles of safety, quality, health and the environment.
C.A.A.P. Offices and Administration Dept.: Via Coppalati, 6/A - Loc. Le Mose - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel. +39.0523.593340 (r.a.) - Fax +39.0523.593330 - -
Branch: Via Portapuglia, 37/39 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel./Fax +39.0523.610165 - Registered office: Via IV Novembre, 62/64 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy
Chamber of Commerce Reg. No. 68917 - Piacenza Register of Companies no. 2380 - VAT No. and Tax Code 00105640338 - Registration number with the Albo Trasportatori Conto Terzi
(Association of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward) PC/4353444/D - Registration number in the national register of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward - BO/0541/O