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For requests, quotes or information, phone our offices in Via Coppalati during business hours. We shall be ready and willing to assist you in every way.

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C.A.A.P. Offices and Administration Dept.: Via Coppalati, 6/A - Loc. Le Mose - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel. +39.0523.593340 (r.a.) - Fax +39.0523.593330 - -
Branch: Via Portapuglia, 37/39 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel./Fax +39.0523.610165 - Registered office: Via IV Novembre, 62/64 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy
Chamber of Commerce Reg. No. 68917 - Piacenza Register of Companies no. 2380 - VAT No. and Tax Code 00105640338 - Registration number with the Albo Trasportatori Conto Terzi
(Association of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward) PC/4353444/D - Registration number in the national register of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward - BO/0541/O