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Our vehicles
The C.A.A.P. Consortium has a wide range of vehicles at its disposal for transporting all kinds of goods. In particular it has:

Tank trucks
These stainless steel tank trucks, available in the insulated version and/or with compartments, handle chemical, petrochemical and petroleum products, glues, latex, special waste and miscellaneous materials. The vehicles are equipped with special accessories operated by compressors or transfer pumps. These types of products are guaranteed by the appropriate licences or permits for inflammable and hazardous chemical products.

Container trucks
A well-organised fleet of container trucks, adjustable in length and with tipping chassis, is dedicated to the transportation of containers 20 or 40 feet long.

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C.A.A.P. Offices and Administration Dept.: Via Coppalati, 6/A - Loc. Le Mose - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel. +39.0523.593340 (r.a.) - Fax +39.0523.593330 - -
Branch: Via Portapuglia, 37/39 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy - Tel./Fax +39.0523.610165 - Registered office: Via IV Novembre, 62/64 - 29122 PIACENZA - Italy
Chamber of Commerce Reg. No. 68917 - Piacenza Register of Companies no. 2380 - VAT No. and Tax Code 00105640338 - Registration number with the Albo Trasportatori Conto Terzi
(Association of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward) PC/4353444/D - Registration number in the national register of road haulage operators operating for hire or reward - BO/0541/O